Attentats à Paris : les stars apportent leur soutien aux victimes

Attentats à Paris : les stars apportent leur soutien aux victimes

SOUTIEN - Suite aux attentats qui ont touché Paris, les stars françaises et internationales ont apporté leur soutien aux victimes.

Si Paris a été touché, c'est le monde entier qui est sous le choc après les attentats du vendredi 13 novembre. Sur les réseaux sociaux, les stars françaises mais aussi internationales ont tenu à apporter leur soutien et leur solidarité aux victimes de la tuerie via Twitter, Facebook et Instagram. Une phrase, une photo, un slogan, un hastag : les stars de la musique mais aussi du cinéma ou des médias misent sur la sobriété et n'ont qu'un message celui d'un amour et de paix.

A LIRE AUSSI >> Ce que l'on sait des attaques terroristes à Paris

these conscious hearts of ours we fall outside the normal lines we watch and listen and communicate we try almost every day the war they bring isn't ours But we are in this on earth the same. the wars bombing everyday in a place to us so far away with children sisters and brothers mothers father's cut down for more than centuries please let the deeper consciousness of enlightenment reach and spread and span deep into the hearts of our leaders, into the hearts of us, so that we can continue to be courageous and open minded to attempt to always never give up & always attempt to ensure and help where we can, enlighten the world around us To keep love and laughter in our hearts Goodwill to those we have never met Goodwill to those who need our help Peace and love to Paris and all the victims and their families xxxx Peace in the Middle East Let our leaders learn to stop these wars. Enlighten these men. Stop this history of war 🙏 I sound naive I am just a simple human being. The world is so small. The world is so small. Our hearts are ALL, so so big. Touch the leaders hearts. Speak to their hearts and irradicate these wars. Speak to the hearts of these leaders, begin a new enlightenment into their ways of thinking and focus them on a path of light and keep the innocents powerfully safe. That is my prayer to every Lord. 🙏 Bless the suffering Soften the hearts of the hateful and guide us into a world of Most Benevolent Outcomes. 💐 #mostbenevolentoutcomes #mostbenevolentoutcome

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Praying for Paris. Our hearts are breaking for and with you.

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